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Methadone Treatments for Brantford and Simcoe

With two clinics and pharmacies (Grand River and Water Street Clinics & Pharmacies), our medical and pharmacist teams offer methadone treatments in Brantford and Simcoe, Ontario.

Our main form of treatment, Methadone Maintenance Treatment (MMT), helps opioid-dependent patients to significantly lessen the severity of withdrawal symptoms, cravings, and drug intoxication. This comprehensive program includes a methadone prescription alternative to the opioid causing the addiction. We also provide Suboxone® therapy when this is preferred.

Our Brantford and Simcoe clinics/pharmacies are open seven days a week, so come visit us. No referral is necessary — just walk right in.


What is Methadone?

Methadone is a common treatment for opioid-dependent, as well as management for chronic pain due to addiction. Methadone itself is a long-acting opioid taken orally. Methadone is utilized as a substitute for other opioids because tolerance to methadone can actually block the effects to other drugs while greatly reducing the effects of withdrawal from opioid use.


MMT Benefits Opioid-Dependent Individuals

Longer acting than other opioids, methadone is considered a medically safe dependence treatment. It can help supress withdrawal symptoms (including drug cravings and the euphoric effects of other opioids) and can help patients avoid drug intoxication. Tolerance to methadone develops much slower than other opioids, so treatment can be maintained indefinitely if need be.


Committing Yourself to Getting Better


Our medical and pharmacist teams believe in our patients. Every single day there are people entering recovery treatments with a desire to get well. But what does it take for you to get onto a better path? Withdrawal symptoms and inactivity can become the biggest obstacles to recovery. Once patients are taking methadone and no longer struggling with withdrawal symptoms, they’re able to be more productive and invest themselves in healthy activities. All this adds to their journey toward long-lasting health and happiness.

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